This is my first ever blog post. Go easy on me…..please! 😉

Firstly, Sony’s new 24.3 megapixel camera is an awful lot of camera for the money. I’ve been considering changing my “take everywhere camera” – my Canon G9 – for some time, and this would be a strong candidate. The HD video feature, something which none of my current cameras have, is something I’ve been looking for. The British Journal of Photography have written about it. Tempting!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working at IMMA with the artist Mary Ruth Walsh.

Her work displays a level of finish and attention to detail that one sees in the work of artists who have turned to art a little later in life. It’s more earned, if that’s the right word. The works in plaster are particularly beautiful – like jewelery boxes. Her exhibition is on view in the Process Room at the museum until September 4th. Well worth your time.

Also showing at IMMA, in the New Galleries, is the part of the David Kronn Collection of photographs. Arguably one of the most important bequests to an Irish institution in some time, it is worth seeing for the Irving Penn’s and the Harry Callahan’s alone. Simply knockout!

Holidays start shortly. Looking forward to capturing Connemara light. I’ve been experimenting with HDR lately (still not sure if it’s really me) and I’m hoping to create some files to work on while I’m away. I tested demo versions of HDR software and, for me, the standout product on the market is Oloneo, which I bought. Great fun, but still not sure about it – very, very Marmite, to coin a current term.

Finally, credit for the title of this blog (which I love!) must go to R, the genius I’m married to.